Sapporo 2003 - The Italian Bid


The 23rd Assembly of IUGG - International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, just ended in Sapporo (Japan), has entrusted to the Italian committee the task of organizing the next Conference in 2007. This is the most important occasion in which scientists will discuss about the global environment and natural disasters, which brings together all the countries in the world and involves over 5000 scientists.Since 1954 Italy had been waiting to organize the General Assembly of IUGG – International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics – which is held every four years.

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"Adopt a Researcher"

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During the 23rd Annual Meeting of ANCI, National Association of Italian Municipality, (Perugia October 25-28, 2006), the project “Adopt a researcher”, promoted by USMA (Umbria Scientific Meeting Association) and supported by ANCI e ANCI Services, has been presented to the press. USMA is a no profit Association whose primary aim is to organize the XXIV IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophisycs) General Assembly, which will take place in Perugia from the 2nd to the 13th of July 2007. The project “Adopt a researcher” will be illustrated by Catiuscia Marini, President of ANCI Umbria; this project was submitted to Italian Municipality in order to support with grants young scientists coming from third world countries  to give them the chance to help, with their knowledge, the world scientific research progress.

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